Discovery Freelancer 4.88 Server Rules

Please read these Rules as they are intended to ensure that all players understand what is acceptable and unacceptable on the server.

We Want You and Everyone Else To Have a Wonderful Time Here Enjoying the Game.

1. No Cheating
    Cheating brings no glory for you or you family.
    It Robs you and your family of the opportunity to develop and show off your skills.
    Bugs or certain quirks in the game against the other players will simply not be tolerated.
    The Admin reserves the right to determine what qualifies as a cheat.
    One example would be setting outside the Planet where all Noobies start from and firing on them.
    Destroying their ships so that they cannot enjoy the game.

2. Any Player
    By their actions: forcing a fellow player to leave the server because of multiple killing, abuse, or harassment will be banned.
    Players with this selfish attitude are not wanted on this server
    Players facing this abuse are to send an Email to with unaltered screen shots

3. On This Server
    There are two tags which will identify the server staff. They are tagged with ( Admin ) or ( GFF ).
    When trying to talk with them in game, please remember they have many tasks and responsibilities.
    Therefore, they may not be able to respond to you straight away, Please be patient.
    Please speak to them in a civil manner: it is unlikely that you will be helped if you are abusive or have no manners.
    In the event that a player feels that one of the server staff has dealt with them in an unfair manner.
    Please contact ( ) or ( ) here on the Web Site with the details.

4. No Modding
    Modding is similiar to cheating but it involves the alteration of your player files.
    To gain advantages over other players, or to affect the game play on the server.
    When modding is detected, the Admin or server Police will, at their discretion either,
    Discipline or ban the offender according to their best judgement.

5. Offensive | Abusive Behavior
    Remember, This is a Family server.
    The server has players ranging in age from young children to mature adults.
    Player names are not allowed on this server.
    If you have a name that causes a player any distress you will be banned.
    We must remember that players of all ages use this server and therefore common sense should always prevail.
    Remember, it has to be fun for everyone, not just you.
    Please play with the spirit of the game.
    Please check back regularly as these rules will be updated from time to time.
    Please think before you say anything
    No Racially offensive speech
    No Sexually oriented speech
    No Speech of a morally offensive nature
    No Insulting language intended as a personal attack on another player
    No Insulting language against another culture or nationality in other than a joking nature
    No Insulting language against a religion or against GOD

6. The Admin
    Reserves the right to determine whether or not the speech is offensive.
    In most caases the offender will be given an opportunity to stop the Offensive behavior and game play will continue.
    However, if the player continues to violate the rules then banning is likely to happen.
    If you do get banned from the game, you will have the opportunty to go to the Court area on the Web Page and plead your case.
    If you can convince the admin that it won't happen again, then he may give you a second chance.
    If you violate the rules after that, you may be banned from the game permanately.
    Administraion software keeps a log of all the chats in system, private, or in group chats.
    If you do not wish your comments to be logged then don't say them.

7. Thank you very much for your cooperation.
    We want you and everyone else to have a wonderful time here enjoying the game.

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